Landscapes of Ancient Russian Towns in Painting of Sergei Osipov (Rus)

Cityscape of Leningrad in painting of 1920-1980s. The History and traditions (Rus)

Survey of the newest sources of the Leningrad School of Painting (Rus)

Artist Anatoly Vasiliev. Strokes to the creative portrait. To 100th Anniversary of Birthday (Rus)

Saint Petersburg Artist Valentin Blinov (Rus)

Investment in the Soviet Art. The Leningrad School (Rus)

Round Table in the "ARKA" gallery on the Leningrad School Painting of 1940-1980s (Rus)

About "No Barriers. Russian Art of 1985-2000" in the Russian Museum (Rus)

About three sisters, Mikhail Lomonosov, and the history of one painting (Rus)

Neoacademism with a musty smell. A new project of the Academy of Fine Arts (Rus)

Faceless Russia in the version of the Russian Museum (Rus)

The Leningrad School of Painting and critics of the "Third way" (Rus)

Anatomy of Art, or life as it is (Rus)

Problems of Soviet painting in the light of one debate (Rus)

Artist Nikolai Timkov and the Leningrad School' landscape painting. To 100th Anniversary of birthday (Rus)

About some features of modern showing of the Soviet Art (Rus)

About the Leningrad School of painting (Rus)

Artist Nikolai Pozdneev in the Leningrad painting of 1950-1970s (Rus)

The Leningrad School of painting in Moscow. On the question of identification (Rus)

The Great Patriotic War and the emergence of the Leningrad School of painting (Rus)

About The Anniversary Exhibition and some traditions of the Leningrad School of Painting (Rus)

Twenty years later. Reflection about the exhibition of Sergei Osipov (Rus)

Creativity of the artist Yaroslav Nikolaev (Rus)

A Landscape in the postwar Leningrad painting (Rus)

Still life at the Leningrad table (Rus)

About early portraits of Lev Russov (Rus)

About landscapes of Leningrad by Alexander Semionov (Rus)

Difficult road of truth. About the a creative way of artist Engels Kozlov (Rus)

Vladimir Ovchinnikov in memoirs of contemporaries. To 100th Anniversary of birthday (Rus)

About "Still life with pussy-willows" of Taisia Afonina (Rus)

The Leningrad School of Painting on Wikipedia (Rus)

Pages of Memory. Reference and Memorial Collection. Chapters from the book (Rus)

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