Holiday Scenes


T. Afonina. Still-life with Pussy-Willows. 1964. Oil on canvas, 80 x 60 cm

V. Borisov. Girl-friends. 1990. Oil on canvas, 89,5 x 80 cm

V. Chekalov. Students at the Peter The Great Monument in Leningrad. 1957. Oil on canvas, 62 x 52 cm


A. Mozhaev. Grand Reception of sailors in Leningrad. 1954. Oil on canvas, 38 x 67,5 cm

V. Monakhova. An Uzbek family celebration. 1957. Oil on board, 34,5 x 25 cm

A. Nenartovich. The National Navy Holiday in Leningrad. 1956. Oil on board, 16,8 x 34,8 cm

A. Nenartovich. Sailors on the Neva River embankment. 1957. Oil on board, 10 x 17 cm

S. Nevelshtein. Book Fair in Leningrad. 1932. Watercolors on paper, 35 x 32,5 cm


L. Russov. Strolling Buffoons. 1976. Oil on canvas, 175 x 130 cm


A. Semionov. Nevsky Prospekt in Holiday. 1970. Oil on canvas, 89 x 62 cm

A. Semionov. The Nevsky Prospect. 1977. Oil on board, 60 x 80 cm

Ars. Semionov. Leningrad in holiday. 1968. Oil on board, 69,5 x 49,5 cm


L. Tkachenko. May-day at the Vasilievsky Island in Leningrad. 1958. Oil on board, 13,7 x 21,8 cm

S. Zakharov. A Holiday in Leningrad. 1980. Watercolors, paper, 51 x 62 cm

S. Zakharov. May-day on the Nevsky Prospekt. 1981. Watercolors, paper, 43 x 56 cm

S. Zakharov. A Navy Holiday in Leningrad. 1983. Watercolors, paper, 39 x 40 cm

S. Zakharov. Warships on the Neva river. 1983. Watercolors, paper, 40 x 56 cm

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